Here are some of your Spruce Team’s favorite tips for your hair during an Austin summer!

Tip#1: Wear A Hat

Did you know UV Rays can cause serious damage to your hair? It can cause color to fade, frizz, dryness, & split ends. Add a cute hat to your summer wardrobe to prevent sunburn & to protect your precious locks.


Sun damaged hair is dry! To keep your hair healthy and shiny treat it with extra moisture. Dp a deep conditioning mask two times a month & when you’re at the salon ask your stylist about doing a shine service or botanical therapy treatment

Tip#3: Pool/ Chlorine Danger!

umping into a cool swimming pool during the summer heat is really one of the only ways to survive. It can also cause serious damage to your hair. Continued exposure to chlorine can strip away your hair’s natural moisture and can cause cracks in the protective layer of your hair called your cuticle resulting in hair breakage and split ends! To prevent this you can get your hair wet with clean water from a shower or run a conditioner/oil through your hair and scalp before jumping in the pool.Then rinse and condition your hair as soon as possible once you’re out.

Tip#4: Ditch the Ponytail

Although a staple hairstyle for most women, especially during the summer, most women aren’t aware of the damage they are doing. When you tie your hair back into a tight pony you’re putting unnecessary tension at the root of your hair which can lead to breakage, thinning, and even hair loss. This is even worse when your hair is wet and it’s most fragile. To avoid this from happening try a braid as an alternative way to tie back your hair, or switch to a more gentle ponytail holder without rubber when you are wearing a pony.

Tip#5: Dry Shampoo First

When going outside and getting active makes you feel like you have to wash your hair constantly because of sweat and oil you are not only be wasting precious time, but also stripping your hair and scalp. Instead of washing all the time think ahead and apply your dry shampoo before stepping out into the heat. This will mean the dry shampoo will help absorb your sweat and oil while it’s happening rather then trying to solve a problem that’s already there.


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