It’s that time of year again, that time where we take an extra moment to really think about this beautiful planet we are so lucky to call home. This Earth month the Spruce family wants to take a moment to talk about the environment & why we are very proud of being an Aveda salon.

All Aveda salons have a simple mission, to care for the world we live in and to strive to set an example for environmental leadership not just in the world of beauty but around the world as well. As a proud Aveda salon we will be donating all of our tips on Earth Day to the nonprofit charity: water who help bring clean water to people across the globe. Every person on the planet should have access to clean water and with your help we can help make that a reality!

Did you know in some places it is normal for people to have to walk four hours just to get access to clean water? And that most of the time it is the women who are sacrificing their time to get this water for their families. This means that many young girls are skipping out on any formal education because getting the basic necessities to survive comes first.

Drinking dirty water is a world health crisis. In a year, drinking dirty water kills more people than ANY form of violence… including war. The craziest part? That this crisis is one that can be solved! By donating a few dollars you are not only helping the planet, but the people around the world we share it with.

To learn more about how to donate click here to learn more about Aveda and Charity: Water’s work together.